The advantage of a trekking backpack over a suitcase is that it will help you to be more mobile in the countries you visit. Are you more adventurous and planing to travel through Peru, Africa, Thailand or Laos? Then you can’t do without a trekking backpack. But it can also be the best choice if you plan to stay at several places, or travel by public transport. On the other hand, do not expect your shirts to be wrinkle fee. And you are limited by the weight you can carry on your back. When traveling on foot, it is advised not to exceed 40 lbs (18 kg) .

Your trekking backpack usually will be allowed as normal luggage on a plane. But sometimes it is obligated to seal it at the airport. You will have to comply with the normal weight limitations.

It is always a good idea to bringĀ a daypack (small backpack) on your travels. In the plane or on a daytrip to the woods, the beach or the city; you can easily carry everything you (might) need.

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